Do not trust your heroes to not betray you. Heroes are people like us. We change, we can be bought, we can lose sight, we can die.

When a hero is lost you must remember that the things in them you believed in did not suddenly become untrue. A hero showing human weakness doesn't make the ideals they once embodied any less true.

It's not the person you believed in. It's the ideas. When you see someone working hard toward those ideas you believe in they become heroic.

When someone becomes heroic to you that means they are showing that those ideas can be realized or could be realized, and you begin to believe in yourself that you can realize them too in yourself.

When you make someone a hero they become an idealized projection of the ideas you believe in. When a hero fails these ideas you can still carry them on, and become an embodiment of the ideas for others.

A hero is ideals in action. Embody your ideals, and be a hero for yourself. Let others gain a focal point for their own heroic realization through your heroic embodiment.

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