Toward the Dawning Golden Age

Focus on supporting what we believe in. Do you know what you believe in?

Use our right to say and make what we want. Not all have these rights and so it is necessary that we exercise our rights and never allow them to be taken away. Those who wish to take away our freedom know that their ideas are fragile and stand no chance against our truth.

We must do more to celebrate and uplift what is good not only be against what is not good.

Focus on positive, motivating messages. Do not neglect the truth and continue to uphold it.

Meet more people locally, make the connections now needed for the future. Start meetups geared around a wholesome activity, and wholesome people will naturally be drawn to you.

Systematically network. Work together. Build together. Be efficient together. Get the job done together.

Make a meaningful effort to not publicly counter-signal our allies. Ideas matter, not people, not heroes. Attack the ideas, not the people, let those who are wrong change their ideas without losing face. This war is not to be played as a game with no consequences for wasting time and energy not focusing on the enemy. There are consequences for endless infighting.

Awakening our people on the political left is incredibly valuable. Once they break their conditioning, they will be potent culture warriors because they know our enemy so well. There will be a global awakening that our people exist and have a purpose.

We do what we do because we know we have the truth on our side. Once someone's conditioning has been broken, simply stating the truth, the facts free of opinion or narrative is enough for people to see that we are right.

Network off the major platforms as a collective. Being deplatformed off a major network should do little harm. Be long-term. Be unstoppable.

Make new, more refined ideas. Make new names. Make new icons. Transform, mutate, adapt. Death and rebirth.

Your views are not extremist. Your views are very close to the view of your grandparents and great-grandparents. There are others who have attempted to frame your views as extreme, to scare people away from them. They wish to destroy your link to your heritage because when you embrace it you become powerful.

Our enemies will continue to censor and deplatform anyone near us politically because they know any exposure to a bit of truth will lead many to the whole truth and so join us.

Traditional ways of life will always outlive the degenerate ways of life.

There are structures in our society which our enemy controls either formally or informally, they own the structures, if you try to enter you will be blacklisted. Resilient alternative structures for our own needs and goals must be built from the bottom of the structure up.

We can never expect people not ethnically from Europe to support us. They are extremely informally and formally tribalistic even if they won't admit it. They will always put their group first socially, economically, culturally and demographically when they have any power to. We see how these groups turn on each other when our people are no longer around as scapegoats.

We will be extremely informally and formally tribalistic too, and we will put our people first too. We will no longer allow for our empathy and altruism to be exploited when it so often leads to the ruin of our own people.

Propaganda for having fewer children is always targeted at us be it for a supposed happier life or to save the world. You need to have children, to raise them with the truth, and ensure that they have a future.

People who have been demoralized can be uplifted and healed. Be a beacon of light, an esteemable person doing esteemable acts. Focus on positive messages and paths forward to show the way for those who are lost.

Our enemies have been too successful too quickly in gaining institutional power that in their hubris they tried to destroy us too quickly by attempting to replace us as demographic majorities within our cities and homelands, causing mass awakenings around the world. At this point, they are dialing back for a more gradual, less noticeable approach. Make no mistake that they will long term continue on their path of gaining as much power as they can so that they can destroy us in every way.

Though our enemies have so much power, they are still not us, they do not have the powerful spirit and power of will that we have.

Democracy is an illusion. Ultimately those who have the real power of control (media, banking) are the ones with the ability to use government power. We must ensure that those who will not work against us are in power. Too many of the leaders of our homelands are childless people with no roots who only care for their own well-being and have no thinking for the future and so are easily influenced toward supporting degeneracy and subversion.

Women will eventually understand that we are the only ones who will protect them. More and more women will awaken through exposure to the horrors of the world and be made to understand that they are not men, cannot defend their people like men can, need their men to exist, need their men to be strong, need to stand with their men as complementary for their children and grandchildren to have a future.

Our goal should always be first to reach our own people. They have the most to lose - the future of their children and grandchildren.

While building alternative structures we must still maintain a presence in what is mainstream because it will be the vector of reaching many who otherwise would not find us.

Our enemy has already declared war against us. Our enemy has already declared that there are no tactics off the table for them to use against us. The mask our enemy has worn has fallen. Our enemy is drunk with power. Now is the time to turn our people toward supporting their own future, toward love and loyalty for our people above all else.

If you are not inspired to create then you must work hard to become wealthy and financially support those who do create. The more we act politically, the more money we need.

Our enemies work politically and meta-politically. We must do the same. We can still learn from their ways in how to win the culture war. Their tactics are predictable, so predict them and subvert them before they subvert you.

Shame and humiliation cannot stop the degeneracy. Excellence, merit, exceptionalism, success, strength, achievement, and esteemable acts stop degeneracy. By being great you inspire a road away from degeneracy for the degenerate. If your body is not as healthy as it can be, if you are not as social as you need to be, if you do not push yourself to great and extraordinary heights, you are not doing your part to stop the spread of degeneracy. Degenerates are born into it or fall into it by being around those who are likewise sick in the body and mind. They need you to be the model for which they can progress toward.

Censorship and deplatforming will escalate as the truth prevails and does harm to the lies of our enemies. Our enemies will again act more quickly when they realize so many of us have awoken. They already realize that their chance to destroy the will, agency, and future of our people is now or never.

Much of what you create will have a value and a presence in your distant progeny, but only if you make it or help to realize it in others in some way.

Simply creating beautiful art which celebrates your heritage and people is a powerful weapon against our enemy as it inspires our people to see themselves. Our enemy has spent tremendous energy to try to convince our peoples that they do not exist, that any other people can be us too simply with a passport.

Having a place in orderly hierarchy is not evil or immoral it is natural and fulfilling, it inspires happiness and joy of the individual and the collective - the opposite is degeneracy which inspires misery, suffering, and mediocrity in a downward spiral of chaos where no one cares for their own well being or the well being of their people. We and our parents were brainwashed to think that the order their parents and grandparents lived through was boring and horrible, and that the chaotic degeneracy they grew up in was vibrant and wonderful.

Simply being stressed leads people toward degeneracy. Losing our high-trust societies to diversity goes part and parcel with how degenerate our homelands have become. This was not an accident, it is a pattern seen in the downfall of many past civilizations, it was orchestrated by those who wish to destroy us.

Degeneracy is never self-contained to those who practice it privately. It always spreads. The degenerate will not accept that their degeneracy is even disapproved of privately, and so they will always attempt to destroy those who live cleanly.

The countries that have embraced the lies so much will fall into chaos, and this will give strength to their neighboring states to seek and uphold truth in their own land. The homelands that have fallen to chaos are not lost, none must think about running. Stay and work to win.

The past is the past. Move on and focus on the future. Never give up. Gain influence and power however you can. Old labels don't matter, only the ideas and values people can agree to support matters.

Your enemy continues to work on the long-term culture war. When will you? Everything adds up, everything compounds to form a greater whole. Our truth is the only one that can work in the long run. All roads lead to our truth because it is THE TRUTH OF NATURE. Eventually all of our people on the left will have their conditioning broken and will unite with us and our truth by necessity. You must do your part to wake up your fellows and make them recognize you as not their enemy but the herald of the truth they will accept!

Awakening someone doesn't mean convincing them to accept a label. Awakening someone means leading them to the truth in a way where they personally embrace the truth as self-evidently true all on their own, such as that they are the only ones who can ensure a future for their children. Make it personal. Make it emotional. Make it something they can understand in their own lives. Then you will reach them, and the conditioning will begin to break.

You must create objects of culture with your unique motivation. We are here to uplift creators, and we will uplift you! This does not mean mimicking others, it means using your true motivation to create objects which can impact culture and ultimately uphold truth. What is your true motivation? Only you know.

What worked in old can be made to work as new, but it must be remade new within the context of our current reality. It can and will always be adapted again by our progeny to be as strong and true as it can be.

The issues that gave rise to us are still there. These are universal points to rally on between our groups who do not fully agree on everything else.

Our audiences are growing every day. The more people who are awakened the more who will be awakened by them. Our enemies think they can defeat us; they are in for a huge shock.

You are part of a massive extended family. We have your back.

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